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Precision Inspection

By it’s definition, precision inspection delivers minimal tolerance, repeatable and stable visual data sets for Texo DSI’s clients, to allow detailed examination and thorough inspection.

Operating multiple RPAS and payload systems to perform precision inspection, Texo DSI is able to ensure that exact and specific systems are utilised for the right conditions and deliverables required.

The primary RPAS system utilised by our precision inspection teams, are the AscTec Falcon 8 and the recently acquired Falcon 8+. These light weight systems, with superb performance parameters allow our UAV teams to operate in some of the most challenging environments. Whilst most systems available would fail, these UAVs with extended multiple payload (constituting a 30x optical zoom visual camera combined with the FLIR TAU 640 thermographic system) capture highly accurate data, both visually and thermally. Our systems have been customised, to allow the technology to supply remote scalability of acquired images to millimetre precision, for engineers to quantify and measure observed defects.

Using advanced flight control, the system can generate highly detailed orthomosaics via 36/42 Mega Pixel cameras capturing multiple images that can be stitched together seamlessly through advanced software systems, to allow for an overview of the specified target area with the ability to magnify and observe the smallest details.

Due to required observation of CAA Navigation Orders, Texo DSI operates, alongside its fleet of free flying UAV, a number of bespoke Tethered Systems, allowing operational deployment in areas previously requiring extensive permissions.

Offering a solid power line to the RPAS for power and an interference proof data link to the ground paired with shielded electronics, allows the RPAS to operate in areas of high frequency interference, completely immune to the effects.

Capable of 180 x live magnification on a three-directional stabilised gimbal, this customised system offers extremely smooth data capture in both video and still formats. The tether systems allow for operational ceiling deployment to both 50m and 120m, enabling prolonged flight for maximised utilisation of flight windows.

The work flow allows for Texo DSI’s own specialised inspectors and surveyors to carry out the inspection and follow up with a written report outlining the details to the client and even as far as suggested remediation’s. However, clients can utilise their own inspectors and have the highly-trained flight teams carry out the inspection under their direction. This allow permanently placed inspectors familiar with the site to attain the most value from the precision inspection missions.

Quality, quantifiable data is the key principle at the heart of the precision inspection. To follow this Texo DSI have designed a bespoke cloud portal system for clients to utilise. This allows client data to be hosted by Texo DSI preventing large files being placed on client’s servers. The use of the portal also allows the direct comparison of historical inspections and interaction with data sets. Analysis tools also allow for the classification by fault type across an entire client’s portfolio, or even area, this allows for data to be generated for not just localised reporting but also regional and even globally. Using imported Building Information Models lets clients view the exact fault location and even a classification of its severity in assets both on and offshore.


Texo DSI’s Precision inspection platforms have been utilised across numerous sectors for a range of reasons:

Offshore and onshore wind farms: Blade integrity and general degradation, mapping of the externals.
Refineries: Chimney, roof integrity, plant, pipeline, cooling towers, holding tanks, access platform conditions, cladding inspection, internal tank and chimney, internal factory floor areas and VOC tanks.
Oil and Gas: Flare stack inspection, cooling towers, underdeck, drill derrick, internal tank, internal ship ballasts and tank rooms, internal chimney, pipe line integrity, and external condition report.
Construction: Roof inspections and validations, external building examinations, structural dilapidation inspections and storm water system inspections.
Telecoms: Tag and feeder identifications, bolt inspections, antenna identification, guyed wire inspections, aircraft warning light inspection and general tower condition.
Utilities: Pipeline, resistor inspection, tower condition, bolt inspection, live substation inspection, chimney and stack inspection, power plant structural detailing and general conditions.


1. Collect the Feeder Tag's information. 2. Check integrity of the connector weather proofing. 3. Easily obtain Tag/system ID.


1. Check and identify missing bolts. 2. Check integrity of weld to erradicate leaks or contamination.

Please note: Due to extensive investment and our core ethos of innovation, Texo DSI can now offer additional, precision internal inspections throughout a range of inhospitable and dangerous industrial environments. For further details visit our internal inspection services page.

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