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With a diverse RPAS fleet, incorporating both fixed wing Q200 surveyor pro with fully integrated PPK and various Multi rotor platforms, Texo DSI Ltd are able to fulfill a wide range of photogrammetric applications.

Utilising multiple images of an area or object, our diverse and advanced software applications and trained technicians can generate accurate 3D models for a multitude of projects. Measurements are acquired via multiple data points of a specific area or object from different views and matching them up.

This technique is widely used by Texo DSI Ltd for volumetric analysis and certain site/structure data generation where accuracy is surpassed only by OUR survey grade LiDAR Platform.

Orthomosaics are the stitching of multiple aerial shots to produce a signal image for use in multiple sectors. Helpful in infrastructure planning and largescale site planning.

The images above show an orthographic data set with a Digital Surface Model (DSM) overlay, utilising false colour optimisation to identify levels above and below datum. Pull the arrows from left to right to expose the different images

Photogrammetry or Photogrammetric applications are the science of acquiring measurements from photographs, especially for/and or recovering the exact positions of surface points. It may also be used to include & interpret the motion pathways of designated reference points on any moving object, on its components, and in the immediately adjacent environment. Photogrammetric analysis may be applied to one photograph, or may use high-speed photography and remote sensing to detect, measure and record complex 2-D and 3-D motion fields. Photogrammetry feeds measurements from remote sensing and the results of imagery analysis into computational models in an attempt to successively estimate, with increasing accuracy, the actual, 3-D relative motions within the researched field.

Interactive 3D model for Local authority planning survey.
The above 3D model was produced by photogrammatic survey conducted via a Falcon 8 RPAS on an automated flight plan.
Total flight time: 12 mins

Interactive 3D model of proposed helicopter landing area.
The above 3D model was produced and used for the planning of a proposed temporary helicopter landing site.
Total flight time: 8 mins

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