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November 28, 2017

Texo DSI's Long Range UHS Service

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection Ltd (Texo DSI) continuous commitment to pushing the envelope of unmanned aerial vehicle services, has gone even further with the addition of long range VTOL UHS (Unmanned Helicopter System) capability.

The company has made a strategic procurement decision to acquire the High Eye HEF 32 Unmanned Helicopter – making it the first in the UK to do so. This addition to its already world class and industry leading fleet, further underlines and strengthens its position as the world’s premier, commercial drone operator.

James Arnott, Principal Systems Officer, Texo DSI said: “Our strategy of owning and operating the world’s most dynamic and comprehensive fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles is coming to fruition. We are able to provide our blue-chip clients with a truly unsurpassed and complete UAV service.”

James added: “Texo DSI is the go-to provider for the very best and most advanced UAV deployed survey and inspection solution for our clients. The addition of the long range High Eye HEF 32 unmanned helicopter is an excellent example of our continued approach to innovative service delivery.”

The HEF 32 Unmanned Helicopter System will allow Texo DSI to operate from shore based locations to deliver detailed inspection of ocean based assets without the associated risk and logistics of marine transport and transfer of personnel.

Utilising state-of-the-art UAV safety technology, the system sits within the sub 20kg sphere and benefits from ballistic parachute and water recovery systems, as well as an IP-67 rating to allow operations in inclement weather.

With a phenomenal 50km+ live HD Data link and a 4.5 hour flight time Texo DSI can now bring offshore installation inspections to the next level in terms of safety and efficiency in the modern Industrial UAV sector. For maximised safety, the system is fitted with an ADS-B transponder unit, so to ensure seamless integration and increased interoperability within manned airspace and avoid conflict with traditional aviation.

In line with Texo DSI vision and its commitment to payload versatility, the system has been configured to adopt interchangeable payload options, including advanced 30x optical zoom HD camera systems, thermal imaging, LiDAR and UV Corona applications, to accommodate both maritime and land based missions. Also incorporated with a system upgrades for primary target tracking – thus providing a critical resource in the deployment of a number of Texo DSI’ maritime framework agreements, to deliver observation and tracking ahead of large vessels with limited manoeuvrability.

Joost de Ruiter, CEO, High Eye commented: “High Eye is proud to have Texo DSI as its first UK customer. It is great to see that our product is bought by such a professional and ambitious company. High Eye considers this a reward for 4 years of hard development work and very substantial investments that resulted in the HEF 32, a Long Range VTOL UAV that is truly light weight, financially viable and one that meets the most demanding industrial standards.”

The system is the first to be delivered to a UK operator and will allow Texo DSI to operate across an ever increasing sphere of operations.

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